Felicitation for toppers

Bhavans Organizes a Family Meet to Honour the CBSE Toppers

Indian Educational School (Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan) Kuwait hosted a dazzling  and       sumptuous get together in honour of all their prestigious prodigies  who got CGPA 10 in the AISSE 2012 and those who made 90% and above  in AISSCE 2012. 11 students in class 10 and 16 students in class 12 together with their families were invited for the occasion and all the invitees did honour the request with their      presence, and made the occasion momentous.

Thirty five men can take a horse to a river, but even 45 cannot make it drink a drop of water.  So the whole credit goes to the parents and children my dedicated teachers,” said Mr Ramachandran Menon in his address to the gathering.  He   reiterated the importance of a harmonious family atmosphere and its influence in a child’s      academic career.  Principal Mr Premkumar went so metaphorical in his delivery of thoughts and compared the school life of a child to the game of chess where all pawns can be made kings but all kings are not pawns.  He was highlighting the incontestable Bhavan philosophy of not laying the cruel hand of filtering at the time of giving promotion for students from one class to another. All children in this respect are precious and can be groomed into leaders and heroes. He       compared the growth of IES Bhavans with that of a bamboo tree which takes years to sprout but once it starts its growth then it is rapid and grows tall trying to reach the skies. People enjoyed the bliss of satisfaction and excitement when the principal talked on the achievement of the   students and the golden harvest the school reaped.

The rhythm and music got virtually reverberated around the auditorium when two talented dancers from the Rhythmscapes of Bhavans Dance School danced to the peak of sublimity.  The recital of the veena by Ms Sijitha the school music teacher in accompaniment of the        melodious notes played on the Mridangam by Mr Arjun an expert in the field in Kuwait         supplemented the jollity and joviality of the hour. And the whole event ended on a delicious note sharing the delicacies served.  Ms Anita Sadanand gave the welcome speech and Miss Sonal Mashankar extended the vote of thanks.